dos and donts for the virtual assistant

10 Important Dos And Donts For The Virtual Assistant

Becoming a Virtual Assistant is a great career opportunity to have your own business. As a matter of fact it is the perfect time for a career shift as virtual assistants are in demand the world over. Companies regardless of size, scale and type are hiring more virtual assistants into their workforce in an effort to reduce costs and improve productivity. In the United States alone, it is estimated that by 2020, 50% of all workforces will be composed of virtual assistants.

But in order to become a successful Virtual Assistant you must regularly render excellent service to your client. Here are 10 important “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for the Virtual Assistant:


  1. Be Punctual At Work. Time is money. When you are late for work, you are costing your client opportunities. You are also compromising your earnings and reputation.
  2. Dress Up For Work. Studies show that what you wear influences how you perform. Approach your work like a professional and dress up for it even if you’re based at home.
  3. Be Prepared For Your Shift. Guesswork wastes precious time. When you clock in, you should be off and running. Know what you’re supposed to do well beforehand. Prepare your agenda the night before.
  4. Give Your Best. The famous saying is “Your best should be good enough”. The worst thing you can do to your profession and your client is to under-perform. At the end of your shift, you must feel satisfied and happy with your efforts.
  5. Aspire To Learn Something New. The Japanese believe that if you stop learning, you stop existing. When you learn, you grow. Always have the initiative to become better.


  1. Assume. If you are unsure of instructions or directions; never assume and ask the client for clarification. Assuming you understood when you didn’t will open you up to crucial mistakes and more time wasted.
  2. Leave Tasks Unfinished. Keep your mind focused on accomplishing tasks to the best of your ability. You can and should only focus on one thing at a time. Let that be work and not the clock.
  3. Procrastinate. If you can do a task today, get it done. Don’t wait for tomorrow. When you are proactive at work, you keep moving forward. Procrastination will create more problems than solutions.
  4. Burn Yourself Out. It’s great to be your own boss; you have your own time and compensation equates to productivity. But do not burn yourself out. Work to live; do not live to work.
  5. Say “Yes” to Everything. Getting offers to manage clients’ services validates your decision to become a Virtual Assistant. Your income will correspond to how much work you can handle. But don’t accept every offer that comes along. You will eventually spread yourself thin and compromise the quality of work.

As you go further along your career, your experiences will certainly add more tips to this list. Always take note of the lessons you learn as a Virtual Assistant. These lessons will help you become better, more valuable and productive for your clients.

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