Virtual Assistant Success Stories: 3 Virtual Assistants Who Made it Big

If you’re a Virtual Assistant today, you’re probably in a better place in your life. You work from home. Clearly, you don’t miss the daily commute to work when you were a 9 to 5 office employee. You can wake up at your leisure. Of course, unless a client requires a morning routine; but otherwise you can savor your morning cup of coffee.

And you have financial independence. The gross income a Virtual Assistant earns will depend on his or her ability to manage time and negotiate rates. Many virtual assistants manage multiple clients that provide various streams of income. A Virtual Assistant can have 10 clients where 4 pay per hour while the remaining 6 pay per project.

But is it possible to earn more than you have ever dreamed of?

Apparently, there are 3 ladies who are living testimonies of the financial windfall that is possible as a Virtual Assistant.

Here are 3 Virtual Assistants who have turned their profession into an enterprise that earns in the hundreds of thousands of dollars:

  • Michele Dale

Michelle is the Founder of Virtual Miss Friday. Originally from England, Michelle had her share of working in various office jobs until the daily stresses finally got to her.

On a whim, she quit her job, sold her house and went to Egypt. There, Michelle spent time pondering on her career. She decided to become a Virtual Assistant and started out by offering Virtual Personal Assistant services.

Currently, her VA company offers Marketing, Administrative and Creative services. She does consultation, online office support, social media, content creation and website design and development.

She estimates her company generates US$30,000 every month. Michelle spends her year traveling all over the world but has never returned to England.

  • Sherry Carnahan

Sherry is the Founder of Total Office, Inc and has been in the virtual assistance business for over 20 years.

Sherry started out with just a typewriter and business cards. She offered data entry, accounting, appointment setting and customer support services to various companies.

After an interview for a magazine in 1997, Sherry was signed up to provide virtual assistance work for many financial companies. It was from there that she expanded her business to include other services.

Total Office Inc. offers services in accounting, content writing, marketing, website design and general office administration.

Sherry estimates the company makes US$13,000 to US$16,000 per month.

  • Michelle Mangen

Michelle is the Founder of Your Virtual Assistant, LLC. Michelle got her moment of inspiration from reading a romance novel where the heroine was a Virtual Assistant!

Tired of the long drives in Wisconsin especially during the winter months, Michelle finally quit her job and decided to do more research on becoming a Virtual Assistant.

After 3 years, she was able to bring her annual income up to US$100,000.

Michelle’s company offers bookkeeping, general office administration, social media marketing and business management services.

Are you ready to become the next Virtual Assistant success story? All you need are drive, determination and the willingness to take on all risk and succeed!