5 Key Oversights Clients Make When Qualifying a Virtual Assistant

When qualifying a Virtual Assistant, it’s not always about administrative skills. You can easily find candidates with the requisite skills to render excellent work. The bigger question is: Can you entrust work with your Virtual Assistant?

Once you give your Virtual Assistant access to your network and begin transmitting work documents, your business already becomes vulnerable. Trust becomes an important factor when working with a Virtual Assistant. But trust takes time to develop and ascertain.

You will have to rely on your good judgment, intuition and creativity to determine if the Virtual Assistant should work for you.

Here are 5 oversights clients make when they are qualifying candidates for Virtual Assistant:

Aligned Values. Set aside the technical and fundamental competencies for awhile. Are you and your Virtual Assistant compatible?

Compatibility is an overlooked quality but will have significant repercussions on the working engagement. Definitely there will be differences in opinion; how resolutions are arrived become of paramount importance.

Compatibility comes down to having aligned values. Do you share common beliefs about work and life in general? The true test is actually working together but knowing that you have similar values is a good sign.

Offline Reputation. Your Virtual Assistant may have aced you interview and tests. But how is she when she is not working? There is no distinction between the candidate as the VA or the private person.

Take some time to conduct due diligence work. A simple Google search may yield surprising results. Check her social media accounts especially Facebook. Social media gives people a false sense of entitlement.

Is it snooping? Put it this way, 68% of hiring managers check the Facebook accounts of potential candidates.

Professionalism. Does the prospective VA respond to your messages within a reasonable time frame? When you contact her mobile number, does she answer in a professional manner?

How a Virtual Assistant manages her business is a reflection of her level of professionalism. It will give you a preview of what it is like to have her onboard your company.

Client Feedback. If a Virtual Assistant candidate refuses to submit or provide references or contact numbers of previous and existing clients, immediately consider that a serious red flag.

The best virtual assistants would be eager to show off their client testimonies or references because they are confident of the services they rendered. Don’t buy the excuse that they are covered by a Confidentiality Agreement.

All they need is to provide at least 2 credible clients with the updated e-mail addresses and contact numbers.

The Intangibles. If your Virtual Assistant candidate has a website, take the time to visit it. Take note of how it is designed; the use of content, navigability and usability. It is a reflection of how they view their work.

Check the online profile of the Virtual Assistant. Is it current or updated? Is it the same as the one submitted to you? Are there obvious spelling and grammatical errors?

If the work portfolio is accessible, click unto it and make an honest assessment.

When it comes to qualifying virtual assistants, it pays to be thorough. Remember, you are conducting work through the virtual world. It is very difficult to oversee performance in the absence of shared space collaboration.

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