Real Estate Virtual Assistant: For Sale By Owner’s Secret Weapon

A real estate Virtual Assistant is a godsend for many real estate agents. This is a type of Virtual Assistant who has experience in working with agencies and agents. They know the scope of work, the list of duties, responsibilities and tasks agents do on a daily basis in their quest to land a sale.

But if you plan to sell your own home via the FSBO route, contracting the services of a real estate Virtual Assistant should be the first item on your to- do list.

FSBO or For Sale By Owner is exactly what it is. A property owner decides to sell his or her own home without enlisting the services of a real estate agent. The For Sale By Owner concept saves you from paying commission fees and gives you more control over out- of- pocket expenses such as marketing and advertising.

While selling property can be complicated, it can be done even without an agent. All you need is to educate yourself, learn to organize and draw up a plan for selling your own home.

Organization is the calling card of the Virtual Assistant that is why you have to hire one right away. Virtual assistance is an inexpensive service because they do not have to work full- time. You can get a lot done with just 20 hours a week worth of work.

What can a real estate VA do for you?

  • Find Professional Help – The first step begins in getting your home in presentable shape to help generate interest from buyers. Your home also needs to look good in pictures. A VA can help you source property evaluators to inspect your home and photographer to take professional quality photos.
  • Create Marketing Copy – The VA can proceed to write marketing copy on your property that will be distributed to various online sources and in key areas around your neighborhood.
  • Create an FSBO Account – The first online priority by the VA is to set up an account for you at an FSBO site. These are sites that attract thousands of potential buyers who prefer to deal directly with owner than go through real estate agents. The VA will upload and regularly update images and marketing content.
  • Utilize Online Channels – The Virtual Assistant will also utilize other online channels such as social media, real estate communities and search directories. All of these accounts will be linked directly to your For Sale By Owner account.
  • Take Calls and Respond to E-mails – You no longer have to be inundated by calls and e- mails. The VA will take all the calls, respond to e-mails and qualify the level of interest.
  • Schedule Home Visits – Once the VA has made a short list of potential buyers, she can schedule the home visits at your convenience. This will give you enough time to prepare before meeting the buyer.
  • Research on Pricing – Pricing can be a deal breaker in real estate. The VA can research pricing trends via online home valuation sites or by conducting a 6 month Comparative Market Study or CMA. The price range will give you an idea of how much to price your home.
  • Prepare and Review Contracts – Finally, a VA can have a contract of sale reviewed and prepared for you. This will include current legislation on the sale of property in your city state.

With a real estate Virtual Assistant in your corner, For Sale By Owner will be much easier and convenient. It will also be more rewarding because you will be able to increase the net returns on the sale of your property. Most importantly, you will be able to put more attention on your property and have it sold faster.

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